Hera pheri 3 comedy film

there have been rumors and speculation about a third installment in the Hera Pheri franchise for several years, with various reports suggesting that the movie is in the planning stages. The original cast of Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal is expected to return for Hera Pheri 3 if it ever materializes, and the movie is likely to be a comedy in the same vein as its predecessors.

Fans of the Hera Pheri series will surely be excited if the movie does get made, but for now, we will have to wait for an official announcement from the filmmakers to know more.

Hera Pheri 3 Latest News

The actors and crew of the Hera Pheri 3 have been working intensively on the film. Recently, they’ve declared the official website as well as social media pages. This is an excellent way to keep the public informed of the latest developments.

The site provides a comprehensive review of the film along with information on the crew and cast. In addition, there are numerous social media platforms that viewers can stay up-to-date with news. Visit the site or social media channels to take an insider’s view of the latest happenings in the Hera Pheri 3 film.

Cast and Crew of Hera pheri 3 comedy film

Hera Pheri 3 will be released in India on the 15th of August. Make sure to visit our blog for more details about the crew and cast, and releases dates for other territories.

Actress Bhumi Pednekar will return as the main actor for the 3rd part of the film series. While you wait, make sure to read our most recent posts for details about actors and their crew and the most recent information and updates on the Hera Pheri 3 movie.

  • John Abraham
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Neha Sharma
  • Esha Gupta
  • Paresh Rawal

Hera Pheri 3 Trailer Release

The official trailer of the film isn’t yet released. It is expected to be released shortly. We will bring you the latest information on our Hera Pheri 3 Trailer once it’s released officially.


The Hera Pheri 3 movie stars John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Neha Sharma and Esha Gupta. There are also other actors in the film that are listed above. So, enjoy this film together with loved ones and family. The date of release for the film is listed below, along with the trailer, cast and casting information. Hera Pheri 3 is one of the series that is on the list of films to see for a large portion of Binge viewers.

Story Line

Raju is not happy with himself, as well as his goals and his colleagues The issues show their self-reflection within his interpersonal relationships.

Due to being a result of the fact that he is yet to be properly prepared for his job and is facing a lot of opposition. After settling on the cost for Baburao’s liquor, Shyam phones the storage facility that is run by Baburao Ganpatrao Apte and requests to lease a room. In the meantime, Raju leases a house similar to this however he hasn’t paid rent for more than two years.

Raju pushes Shyam and causes an uproar in order to convince Baburao often referred to by the name of Babu Bhaiya, to compromise. The result is that the trio constantly facing unusual situations. Following one of these disputes, Anuradha talked with Shyam and pressured him to obtain the Non-Objection Certificate required for working in the bank.

Hera Pheri 3 Story line

Ghanshyam “Shyam” Tripathi, who is a bank employee looking for work, appears in the film. Even though his father’s father worked at the bank however, he was not able to accept the job. A few days later, he accident hit Rajesh “Raju” Rathod.

Raju is mistakenly identified to be a criminal Shyam and begins to following Shyam. In the end, he discovers the truth and Raju is chased by Shyam for stealing an item of his own that he stole.

Raju has personal issues to resolve including his goals and the people for who he does his work. He’s not well-trained for his job , and therefore faces numerous challenges.

After agreeing on a cost for the liquor of Baburao, Shyam contacts a storage facility owned by Baburao Ganpatrao Apte. He agrees to lease the room. Raju leases an apartment similar to the one he is renting and hasn’t paid rent for 2 years.

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The three are often in humorous situations and with Raju insisting on Shyam and purposely causing exuberance so that Baburao is popularly referred to in the form of Babu Bhaiya, is forced to settle.

Anuradha Contact Shyam in one of these conflict and try to convince Shyam to obtain his Non-Objection Certificate required for working at the bank.

When Shyam refuses to sign the documents, Raju devises a plot to persuade Shyam to sign the paperwork. As the two start competing, Shyam finds that Raju tricks him into signing contracts.

Hera Pheri 3 Budget

An estimated budget amounting to Rs. 100 Crore will be utilized for the production of the third film of the highest-rated comedy-film show Hera Pheri. Advertising and printing expenses comprised ten crores of the total expenditure and ninety crores were assigned towards manufacturing cost.

Hera Pheri 3

Khadak Singh who was a former acquaintance of Shyam’s appears in the neighborhood of his residence and demands that Shyam extend his credit from Singh. Shyam has to pay back the loan as soon as he can, or his sister’s wedding could be cancelled, according to Khadak Singh.

The film’s sequel was a conclusion that left a abrupt cliffhanger. Raju is eager to get rid of his firearms and declares that they’re useless. While he is at it, Shyam and Baburao learn how precious these weapons are.

Shyam and Baburao plead with Raju to get out of the gunmen’s reach towards close of film. Following that, the 3rd film will commence. If Raju, Shyam, and Baburao set off on their next adventure There is bound to be lots of fun and fun.

where i Watch Hera Pheri 3?

When the movie is released in cinemas , it might be made available on OTT Platform Prime Video: www.primevideo.com

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